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Will my business model transfer to China?  If not what adjustments should I make?
How can I de-risk the start-up if a new entrant? If I need a capital asset should I buy, build or lese? Who can lead me safety through the minefield

These might be some of the questions you are asking right now. SIP can help you answer them.

Who We Are

SIP was established in 1993 to provide project management and consultancy services to international companies locating in China. Whether you’re planning to build a new factory, are looking to refurbish an old one, want to fit out a retail or catering outlet, are considering a joint venture or are searching for the perfect location for your new AsiaPac HQ, our exclusive focus on China has enabled the SIP team to build unrivalled expertise in all facets of this huge and complex market. 

Over the past twenty years, our customer base has expanded to include a wide range of clients, from family-owned manufacturing businesses to some of the world’s most brand-recognisable conglomerates. 

In the last three years alone we have:

  • Completed more than 460 bespoke projects

  • Worked with clients from 25 different global markets

  • Managed projects in 90 different cities across China


We Can Help You Right Now

If you’re considering an investment in China, come and speak to us as soon as possible. We work within a five-stage framework, which is designed to ensure peace of mind (and the avoidance of costly mistakes!) for our clients throughout the entire project delivery process. 

However, right now the best thing you could do would be to come and speak to our Stage 0 team.

Our team will help you to investigate and evaluate possible business cases and development strategies for your business in China, to determine whether an investment here is really for you and if so, what guise it should take. These early stages of our services have proven time and time again to be invaluable to our clients - in fact, some of our best references have come from clients who we advised not to come to China, as our analysis revealed greater opportunities and fewer investment risks in their home countries or elsewhere!

However, today’s China is a more open, more hospitable market than it has ever been. There are of course many challenges but with experienced gained in over twenty years of successful operation our team can provide the analysis to help you determine the most appropriate strategy and then an implementation plan and support to deliver it. There’s opportunity aplenty here, if you take the time to understand how best to harness and leverage it.


Get It Right First Time with Stage 0

Once you’ve clearly identified your opportunity, our Stage 0 team can offer such services as:

Investment Business Case Feasibility
Have you chosen the right strategy? Our early review might avoid you starting off down the wrong road.

Site Location Analysis
There are many factors - both hard and soft - involved in finding and assessing possible sites. We can help you make the right choice, with no ties to or commercial interests in any location.

Utilities Assessment
We can help you to avoid nasty surprises in relation to utilities and also ensure that your Infrastructure Agreement captures pre-acquisition utility commitments.

Statutory Approval Process Mapping
You should know at the outset what statutory process you must go through to ensure legal completion and we can map and track this for you.

Business Licensing Process
This is normally led by our clients’ lawyers (of course under the direction of the client) although our own legal counsel can provide this lead role if required. We can assist in those aspects that require specialist construction related input.

Tax Management
There are a number of relevant taxation related issues peculiar to construction projects that are not always picked up by general tax advisers and on which we can provide specialist support and in many cases may be a crucial component of the location analysis.

Importation of Equipment
We can advise on what can be a very lengthy and complex process for the importation of  equipment (especially used) which may well be the programme driver for a typical project.

Existing Building Due Diligence
We can undertake assessments of existing buildings covering the legal, technical and environmental assessment.

Pre Acquisition Assessment of Development Land
Know what you are buying, have a record of condition at the outset for use in any future claim and don’t rely solely on lease warranties (though they are important).

Team Creation
We are not HR consultants but we do see and are involved to some degree on many of our projects the challenge all investors face in building their Chinese team and some clients find benefit in seeking the advice of our HR Department in the management of this challenge.


Next Steps: Building Your Future in China

We have worked with SIP for over ten years.  I would highly recommend anyone considering a business venture in China to meet with the SIP team - they will challenge your thinking and ensure you end up with the right strategy for you business.Beyond Stage 0, SIP can support you through the design, construction and fit-out of your new facility, saving you both money and time, and making your project a reality whatever market sector you’re in:

  • Manufacturing and Production Facilities

  • Logistics Centres and Warehousing

  • Heavy Industry and Chemical Plants

  • Resorts and Hotels

  • Retail and Shopping Malls

  • Headquarters and Offices


Our Five Stage Service

  • Stage 0 - Planning and Due Diligence

  • Stage 1 - Project Definition

  • Stage 2 - Design and Tender Management

  • Stage 3 - Construction Management

  • Stage 4 - Post-Construction Services

  • We also offer a suite of Green and Sustainable Solutions, including Green Building Certification.


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