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“We work with our customers to plan, design, procure and deliver projects on any scale; provide management consultancy built on technical know-how, shape and implement development policies and programmes; and advance sustainability.”

Shanghai Bund International Financial Centre , China 1000Local delivery, international know-how
We are a global £1.1 billion management, engineering and development consultancy. We have 170 principal offices in nearly 50 countries, giving us local market insight and resources ‘on the ground’ to support every client. Our geographical and technical footprints make us a powerful partner, especially for multi-faceted clients operating globally. No matter the project’s scale or location, our international experience means that every customer benefits from our world class solutions and service.

Mobilising our cross-sector skills
Across our core sectors and services, we set out to save money and time, reduce risks, increase efficiency, maximise sustainable outcomes and advance best practice. We do this through innovative thinking and mobilising cross-sector, international perspectives. We draw on a lineage of technical excellence which can be traced back to the 1860s: we’ve helped to shape many of the sectors we work in. Our experience, knowledge and insight contribute workable, efficient and sustainable solutions.

Ownership model supporting excellence
Our ownership model and culture are fundamental to the way we relate to our customers and delivery partners. Employee- owned and debt free, we are not bound by the short-term interests of external stakeholders. Our freedom to set long-term strategies and our focus on innovation and excellence yield best outcomes for our clients and attract the very best people to join us. And every employee shares in the company’s success, providing added motivation to excel in service, performance and value.

West Island Line 1000We provide added value solutions which:

  • Save money and time

  • Reduce risks – technical, commercial, environmental

  • Drive up efficiency

  • Maximise sustainable outcomes




Industry-leading risk management
To minimise our customers’ and our own exposure to risk, we have developed a holistic approach to risk management, encompassing company strategy, processes and procedures, and staff attitudes and behaviours. Commercial, safety and environmental performance are integral to the quality of our solutions and service. By making risk an everyday concern of each and every one of our people we seek to continuously improve the success of our projects and support our customers.

Hong Kong International Airport 1000Upholding high ethical standards
We are committed to fairness, openness  and honesty in all our dealings, and require subconsultants and suppliers to be so too. All our employees are subject to the UK Bribery Act, tough anti-corruption legislation covering the global activities of companies headquartered in the UK; we are the first consultancy firm certified to BS 10500, the UK’s stringent new anti-bribery management standard. Our firm stance protects and serves the best interests of our customers, society, government and our own business and staff.

Added value across the triple bottom line
We’re involved in tackling many of the world’s fundamental challenges and needs, driven by population growth, urbanisation and climate change. We aim to balance social, economic and environmental objectives, working with our clients to make wise use of resources, realise sustainable benefits for stakeholders and communities, and achieve commercial success. Sustainability is embedded in our project development and decision making processes, which we align with local needs, challenges and opportunities.

SAVING 25% TIME AND 20% COST Brayton Point cooling towers, USA

Chengdu JW Marriott HotelINNOVATIVE DESIGN CUTS COSTS Goodwood Junction, Adelaide, Australia

STORYTELLING PROMOTES EDUCATION Education sector support programme, Nigeria

30% MORE WATER Mumbai IV water supply, India

SUSTAINABLE SPORTS VENUE 2012 Olympic shooting ranges, London, UK

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