In 1981, M Moser Associates was established in Hong Kong as a specialist in creating work environments for multinational and private businesses. Today, the firm’s 700-plus professionals operate from 17 locations on three continents and offer a mix of valuable local experience and international-standard capability.

Of M Moser’s 17 offices, no less than five are located in China’s major cities and areas of high economic growth. Each of these – in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu – offers clients an integrated spectrum of services including architecture, strategic planning, interior design, engineering, sustainability (LEED), IT/AV integration and base building and interior construction.

M Moser’s multifaceted Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach gives its teams in China the capability to lead projects from conception to completion, and to follow a collaborative, client-centered development process, which ensures truly holistic and effective solutions.

Leading the way in China

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By the early 1990s, many of M Moser’s multinational clients were looking to expand into the China market. M Moser followed demand by establishing its first China office in Shanghai in 1993. That office’s success in providing clients with high quality workplace design-delivery solutions led the firm to broaden its reach and capabilities by establishing offices in Beijing (1998), Guangzhou (1999), Shenzhen (2008) and Chendgu (2013).

Today, M Moser serves clients with more than 200 multilingual staff across China. The firm’s China IT and engineering teams alone have more than 30 specialists in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire services and IT/AV infrastructure who work within project teams to seamlessly integrate these components into base building systems and interior design.

Using the technology of collaboration

M Moser’s China offices liaise with other M Moser locations globally for projects that require strong client links, decision processes and design criteria in locations outside of China. Advanced collaborative technology not only enables M Moser to share and integrate critical information globally, but also keep clients informed, interacting and in control of their projects regardless of their locations.

One of M Moser’s key collaborative tools is interactive 3D virtual modeling. As well as allowing for a more holistic and all-encompassing visualisation and understanding of the project, the 3D virtual model also enables clients to fully explore a range of workplace options and make informed decisions. Similarly, contractors and builders can virtually ‘see’ what they are building and optimise construction solutions before site work begins. 

Delivering projects in China

M Moser offers clients a number of routes to the delivery of their projects, depending on their requirements of scale, complexity and time. Also depending on the requirements of the projects and preferences of the client, M Moser can provide services ranging from design consultancy through to full project delivery, via either a traditional or an IPD methodology.

Many clients new to China typically prefer to engage a company who can deliver their project as a full turnkey solution via a design-and-build methodology. Otherwise known as an (IPD) integrated project delivery, this one-stop-shop approach can help clients to negotiate the many statutory submissions and approvals required for projects, particularly in the capital Beijing. To support this, M Moser holds Grade 1 Licenses for Design and Construction, a Safety Production License, and a business license allowing the firm to provide architecture consultation.

As M Moser employs all required professionals in-house – including architects, interior designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, and IT/AV specialists – they can offer all services within a delivery methodology which can be moulded to suit the precise needs of the client and their project.

Reaching the outer cities

Complementing M Moser’s capabilities in major cities like Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai is its specialised professional team for projects in secondary locations in China. Led by experienced senior project managers, the team’s mobility enables ‘on the spot’ project supervision and decision making, while at the same time leveraging on the expertise of established China offices to ensure that project design is to a high standard of quality. 

Services in Detail

Strategic Facilities Planning
M Moser analyses clients’ future workplace needs and space strategies for the impact they will have on their overall premises portfolio. Opportunities for alternative office solutions are explored to maximise the effectiveness of space usage. An optimum list of project requirements is proposed in close consultation with the client to resolve potentially conflicting needs.

Pre-lease Services
M Moser develops comparative base building analyses together with the client’s real estate agents and advisers. The pre-lease process can also include test-fits of workplace standards and detailed project requirements against alternative buildings, and assisting the client in selecting the building that best satisfies their objectives.

Interior Design & Planning
M Moser creates design and planning concepts that perform as business solutions as well as fulfilling the client’s image and detailed requirements.

Design Management
M Moser manages both the pre-construction (including interior design, planning, IT, engineering) and construction phases of projects for effective control of costs, time and quality.

Procurement & Construction
M Moser works directly with each trade and supplier to tightly control the budget, quality and timeliness of all construction.

Building Services Engineering (MEP)
M Moser designs engineering systems compatible with base building provisions to meet clients’ operating requirements as well as health and safety standards for the workplace environment.

M Moser’s IT professionals provide clients with enhanced workplace solutions integrated with the right technological infrastructure. Technology-related services include strategic technology planning, feasibility studies, project management, design and engineering, cost analysis, and testing and commissioning management.

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M Moser’s architectural team has grown significantly in China, and in the last four years have expanded its capabilities to include:

  • Base building and green field

  • Brown field projects/Repurposing

  • R&D and technical facilities

Through this, we are now offering full campus design and realisation capabilities. This is of particular usefulness for clients who are increasingly finding it difficult to find existing spaces to accommodate their growth and consequently may be considering a purpose built/bespoke solution to their needs.


M Moser employs a number of dedicated LEED AP specialists based across the global network of 17 offices and is proud to be the leading provider of LEED certified projects in China. To date, M Moser has built a 33% market share in delivered and certified LEED projects in China’s commercial office/interiors market. We also practice what we preach, with all of M Moser’s own offices in China being LEED certified.

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