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Deloitte UK’s Chinese Services Group (UK CSG) supports clients in many ways when they are seeking to expand into China, whether through M&A activity or organic growth. We understand the huge potential of such opportunities, but also the practical risks. Therefore, it is vital for businesses to have the right information and expertise to plan and prepare for their international expansion.

Our support to clients in helping them expand in China and identify new business opportunities includes providing them with access to a Deloitte UK team based in Shanghai and Beijing. This China based team, led by David Percival MBE, previously the Senior Consul and Director of UKTI’s Investment Team in China, focus on establishing and deepening relationships with major Chinese corporates, key influencers and government officials. The team bring strong connections, decades of experience, and deep knowledge of doing business in China.

This 10 minute video features insights and top tips to capture new opportunities and to navigate the challenges of doing business in China, as well as for Chinese companies entering the UK. Malcolm Drysdale, UK CSG M&A Partner, leads the conversation by interviewing two of our China based experts, David Percival and Alan MacCharles, Strategy & Research Partner (Deloitte China), during a recent visit to the UK.

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