Foreword from Dr. Catherine Raines, UKTI's Director General for Trade & Investment, China

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It’s a real pleasure to introduce this Guide to Doing
Business in China.Catherine Raines

Over the past couple of years, China has jumped up the list of our biggest destinations for exports. It has also become one of the fastest growing sources of inward investment into the UK. Massive and accelerating urbanisation, the spending power of China’s new middle class and the increasing globalisation of Chinese capital and business mean those trends are set to continue. 
As China strives to become more innovative and competitive as a knowledge economy, the creativity and innovation that runs through British businesses make us an increasingly natural partner on their journey.     
That makes it even more important for more UK companies to take the plunge and come to China. But come with their eyes open, ready to seize the opportunities and handle the challenges. China’s business environment can be tough. The regulatory environment is not always clear and transparent. Rules can change – often and quickly – with all the attendant lack of predictability that this causes. There are barriers to market access in some important areas. We are working hard to address these issues and help British companies get the most out of the opportunities here. 
And make no mistake. The opportunities are huge, unprecedented, across all sectors. Many will be in the so-called Regional Cities outside China’s well-known economic hubs, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. You’ll find information about many of those cities in this Guide. 
A final word. No Guide to a market as diverse, complex and fast-changing as China can hope to be absolutely comprehensive. And it can’t be a substitute for market research, due diligence or legal and professional services (all of which we can help you access). But what I hope it can and will do is whet your appetite, give you some useful information and advice in an accessible way, and point you in the right direction. Stick with it. China is worth it. 

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Dr. Catherine Raines
UKTI's Director General for Trade & Investment, China


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